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How to Reset Netgear Routers in Easy Steps

Netgear is one of the most popular names when it comes to routers. The products of this networking giant are developed with the latest technology and are packed with stunning features. This is the main reasons why Netgear Routers are being used widely all over the world. The company specializes in developing a variety of high-end routers designed for personal and official use both.


Well, like any other electronic devices, Netgear routers also have certain technical issues that often irritate the users. In order to tackle this, the company has set up Netgear Help Desk so that the users can take the experts help. However, most of the issues can be resolved by the user themselves. One such problem that the users face most is when they are unable to reset their Netgear Routers. Well, there is no need to worry. In this blog, we will be providing step by step guide that you need to follow in order to reset your router. So let us get started.



Steps you need to follow to reset Netgear Routers


So, if you want to reset your Netgear Router and have no clue how to do it, then just follow the steps given below carefully:


  • Your first task is to locate the reset button of your router. Usually, the reset button is given at the back of the router and is labeled as “Reset” or “Restore Factory settings” the reset button is specifically very small and that is done in order to make sure that the users do not accidentally press the reset button.
  • Now, as mentioned above that the reset button is small and recessed, you cannot reset it with your fingers. So, you need to use a needle or bent paper clip in order to reset the router.
  • After that, just insert the needle or bent paper clip into the recess of the Netgear Router and press the button for few seconds. The power link of the router will start blinking after that.
  • Now just release the reset button in order to complete the process. After that, the router will reboot and will illuminate a solid green or white light. Now, the Netgear Router will be restored to its default settings, so you need to just follow the instruction given in the documentation of your router model in order to set up and configure it.


Well, this was pretty much! By following the steps mentioned carefully, you will be able to reset your Netgear Router easily. However, if you have any further issue related to routers or need any information, then you can dial the Netgear Wireless Router Helpline number and take the help of experts. The team of highly skilled technicians will make sure that all your problems are fixed in no time.